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Oreo Cheesecake Bowl

I've recently discovered that a lot of my protein ball recipes make delicious cheesecake bases!

This no bake, individual cheesecake is slightly higher on the calorie front than some of my other desserts but it does contain 40g of protein & is really satisfying. If you want to drop the calorie content down a little further you can always remove the oreo on top (or just use half of it & crumble it over).

Serves 1

Macros per serving (with Oreo biscuit on top):

408kcal / 40g protein / 38g carbs / 12g fat / 3g fibre

Without Oreo biscuit on top:

355kcal / 40g protein / 30g carbs / 10g fat / 3g fibre


Base -

2 x oreo protein balls - Recipe HERE

Topping -

150g quark

20g vanilla whey protein powder

1/2tsp vanilla extract

10g "Choc Shot" Syrup

1 Oreo biscuit (optional)


1. Place Oreo balls in microwave for 15-30 secs (to soften).

2. Push down into base of bowl/ramakin/cheesecake ring - place in freezer to harden whilst you make topping.

3. In a seperate bowl mix quark, protein powder & vanilla extract - spread mixture over base.

4. Drizzle over Choc Shot & decorate with Oreo biscuit as desired.

5. Eat immediately or set aside in fridge for later :-)

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