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Protein Packed Cookie Dough Dip

This cookie dough dip recipe will help you get your cookie dough fix but is packed full of healthy ingredients, the main one being chickpeas (Yes they're not just good for hummus!).

Like most of my recipes, this one is gluten free & can be made vegan using a vegan protein powder, agave, almond milk & vegan chocolate chips too!

This dip can be enjoyed however you like but i've been enjoying mine with chopped bananas or using it as a spread on top of my rice cakes.

Servings - Makes approx 10 50g servings.

Macros per serving*:

123kcal / 8g protein / 10g carbs / 6g fat / 2g fibre

*May vary slightly depending on ingredients used.


1 can chickpeas (240g drained) - rinse well

60g vanilla protein powder of choice

10g stevia

2 tbsp cashew butter

1 tbsp honey (or agave)

1 tsp vanilla extract

50ml milk of choice (I used skimmed cow's milk)

50g chocolate chips of choice (I used 85% cocoa dark chocolate chunks - available from Tesco)


1. Add all ingredients except for chocolate chips into blender.

2. Place in dish of choice & stir in chocolate chips.

3. Enjoy immediately or store in fridge for up to 2 days :-)

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