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Hot Cross Bun Protein Balls

HAPPY EASTER! Another protein ball recipe - hot cross bun flavour.

Easy to make, 90 calories & gluten free too. As a huge cinnamon raisin fan this was one of my favourites yet - safe to say i'll be making these all year round!

Servings: Makes 9 balls

Macros per ball:

90kcal / 5g protein / 11g carbs / 3g fat / 1g fibre


40g vanilla protein powder

40g oats (regular or gluten free)

40g honey or agave

40g cashew butter (melted for 20-30secs in microwave before adding).

50g raisins, sultanas or mixed peel.

Cinnamon to taste (I used 1tbsp)

Optional: Mini icing pen to decorate with crosses.


1. Soak half of the dried fruit in boiling water for 15 mins (place them in a glass & cup & just cover them in hot water - don't let them have a swim!)

2. Once the fruit has soaked place it in a blender/food processor with all other ingredients & blend until mix sticks together (if mix looks a bit dry add 1-2tsp water but be CAREFUL mix doesn't end up too runny).

3. Add remaining raisins & give one light blend to mix them in without chopping them up too much.

4. Roll into even sized balls.

5. If decorating, use a knife to score a cross & then fill with mini icing pen.

6. Eat :-)

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