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Skinny Protein Coconut Macaroons

Whilst having a clear out of my cupboards a few weeks back, I noticed a tin of light condensed milk that had been in there for a little while so thought I would put it to good use. This recipe was originally for my nutrition clients only but it was too good not to share!

As the condensed milk is already super sweet you just need to add a few extra ingredients & you have a delicious, diet-friendly cookie in minutes.

Servings: Makes 15

Macros per serving: 82kcal / 6g protein / 9.5g carbs / 2.6g fat / 3g fibre

Ingredients: 1 tin light condensed milk 80g vanilla whey 100g coconut flour 1 tsp baking powder

30g dark chocolate chips

Optional: Choc Shot - available in the Hot Chocolate aisle of most supermarkets (to drizzle over top)


1. Preheat oven to 180C.

2. Mix all ingredients together & blob into cookie shapes on baking paper

3. Pop in centre of over for 10-12 minutes

4. Place on wire rack to cool.

5. Melt 30g dark chocolate chips in microwave then dunk bottom of each cookie to coat.

6. Place in fridge until the chocolate hardens.

7. Eat! :-)

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