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Banoffee Pie Smoothie Bowl

Get that banoffee pie fix at breakfast time with my newest smoothie bowl recipe.

Yummy Banana caramel flavour (protein packed!) base topped with juicy dates, raisins, pecans & caramel sauce. If you've got some extra fats to play with you can always add a little whipped cream & some dark chocolate shavings too!

Likewise, if you're wanting to save some macros , just top with some calorie free toffee or maple syrup for the same tasty fix but with a much lower calorie content.

Servings: Makes 1 Large Bowl

Macros for the bowl (including toppings):

475kcal / 28.5g protein / 69g carbs / 9g fat / 4g fibre

Macros for the bowl (no toppings):

284kcal / 26g protein / 38.5g carbs / 3g fat / 2g fibre



150g frozen banana

30g caramel/toffee protein powder

100ml milk of choice (I used unsweetened almond milk)

50ml water


50g sliced banana

1 tsp caramel sauce (usually found in jars - near the Nutella!)

1 "shot" toffee & pecan shot packet from Whitworths - you can buy these at most supermarkets but if you can't find it replace with 25g trail mix of choice


1. Place all base ingredients in blender. Tip: Make sure you remove the skin & slice the banana before freezing...trying to remove the skin off of a frozen banana is a near impossible task!).

2. Blend (mix should be thick - if it's not blending then add a tiny bit more water but do this really gradually, if you add too much the bowl won't have it's thick "ice cream" consistency).

3. Pour into bowl & decorate with the toppings.

4. Eat! :-)

(If you make this one send me a pic on Instagram - love to see how they're decorated!).

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