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Oreo Protein Donuts

Another new donut flavour - featuring one of the best chocolate biscuits there is...Oreo!

At only 51 calories a piece they're great value for macros too!

Servings: Makes 18 donuts

Macros per Donut:

51kcal / 3.5g protein / 6g carbs / 1.7g fat / 1.5g fibre


For Donut Mix:

40g chocolate protein powder

30g Low calorie hot chocolate powder (I used Cadbury's Highlights)

40g coconut flour

60g apple sauce

25g Choc Shot (available from hot chocolate aisle of supermarket)

1 egg

80g egg whites

1 packet mini Oreos (crushed)

1 tsp baking powder

To Top:


1 tbsp vanilla protein powder

1 tsp Calorie free icing sugar (optional) I used one by Sukrin - made with Stevia (available from Sainsburys, Tesco & Waitrose).


1 packet mini Oreos (crushed)


1. Preheat oven to 180c (or preheat donut maker as per instructions if using one).

2. Place all "donut" ingredients (except for crushed Oreos) in a blender & mix until thick.

3. Stir in the crushed Oreos, spoon mix into donut maker & cook for 3 minutes. If using a donut mould, spray with a 1 calorie cooking spray (such as Fry Light Butter spray) & place in the oven for approx 20 minutes.

4. Meanwhile make up the glaze in a small cup or bowl (if it looks too thick or lumpy add a tiny bit of water but be careful it doesn't go too runny!).

5. Allow donuts to fully cool then glaze using a basting brush or palette knife. Sprinkle over more crushed Oreos.

6. Eat! :-)

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