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Crispy Cookie Bites

It's January & loads of you have weight loss goals so I thought i'd help you out with a super low calorie bite to help keep you on track when those chocolate cravings hit.

Speaking of weight loss goals, TEAM BOX (the nutrition company I work with) are currently giving away our 4 week fat loss programme absolutely FREE! We used to charge £59.95 for this so if you want to make the most of it being a freebie, click HERE to find out more.

Anyway...back to balls...These little bites are just 40 calories each so are perfect to hit that after dinner sweet spot without breaking the calorie bank.

As I mentioned in my blog post with my Skinny Brownies recipe, I've recently discovered a few new low calorie baking goodies so i've done a full review of these with healthy baking tips over on my YouTube Channel.

These bites are given a little crunch with one of these products - Protein Pops (you can buy them HERE). If you've ever eaten a Crunch Corner yoghurt they're like the little crispy balls you find in there except they're packed with protein.

(By the way if you put the protein pops in some Greek Yoghurt mixed with a little vanilla/banana protein powder you have your very own protein packed crunch corner yoghurt!).

Servings: Makes 9 Balls

Macros Per Ball: 40kcal / 4g Protein / 3.5g Carbs / 1g fat


30 g oats (Grind into flour using a food processor or I use Ready Brek to save this step)

30g Chocolate protein powder

Water - as needed


1. Place ground oats & protein powder in food processor.

2. Melt choc spread for 30 secs in microwave & add to dry ingredients.

3. Blend until stuck together - if mix is not sticking add a TINY bit of water.

4. Add protein pops & blend until mixed.

5. Roll into balls.

6. Eat! :-)

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